Customer Testimonials

For the past 25 years, AVSL has remained dedicated to providing exceptional service. We take immense pride in our commitment to excellence. Discover what our valued customers have to say about their extraordinary experience with AVSL.

Effective communication with a remarkable team of professionals is key to our success. Their expertise and collaboration enable us to achieve exceptional results and build strong partnerships with our clients.

Nikos Nikou
Nikou Nikolaos & SIA EE / nngroup

Main supplier for web business and it makes trialling products simple

Dave Solomon
DSolomon Ltd

Our business is very brand heavy and customers would come in and ask for a well known branded lead or a capo and the margins on productsfrom these brands are very low. We are able to offer a similar product selling AVSL products, better priced and make more profit, without a loss of quality.

Stuart Lewis
Spider Music Ltd

The AVSL team is is made up of very professional but also very pleasant people. we greatly enjoy working with them!

Panicos Michael
MS Electronics Ltd

A great diverse range of goods at a competative price

Peter Terry
HR Electrics Ltd

Apart from their products, what I like most with AVSL is their seriousness in business, speed of response and incident management. Above all the magnificent personal treatment I receive.

Carlos Zalduendo
Sound Trading, S.L.

We've enjoyed many years of dealing with the AVSL team. Over this time we've built great business and personal relationships and have grown strongly the business we do together. Indeed it's often been said that many employees (including my sisters and I) have put their kids through school and collage due to the products we've sourced and sold over the many years we've done business together. We're pleased to be still able to do this and it's a source of great pride and satisfaction in doing so

Geoffrey Peat
Peats Wholesale Ltd

Adastra is always my first choice for 100v Line sound applications alongside Citronic I am happy to support and continue to use a quality brand that has been in existence for decades! add great customer service, product range, and pricing its helped many times over the years.

Alan Thomas
Zelma Services

AVSL listen to new ideas. To a certain extent the customer and supplier relationship almost becomes more like a partnership, rather than you just purchasing from a invisible company with no real communication.

Stuart Wilkinson
Sound Dynamics Ltd

Togther we have worked for many years now and in the past 20 years we have both seen each other grow from strength to strength

Mike Stead
Phase One

Our turnover has increased and we now sell a wider range of products, including PA Systems - all down to our rep visits.

Dan Young
DY Pro Audio

Now we have moved more into sound and lighting installation market, the ability to get everything we need from one supplier so quickly is always a huge help.

Alex Wright

AVSL are definitely a well-organised and trustworthy supplier. I would have to think really hard to remember any issues that have occured in the last decade. And, most importantly, neither has been left unattended.

Marius Zjawin

Over the 25 years we have been dealing with AVSL, I can't recall of one instance when they have let us down. The website is clear and stock is displayed in real time, descriptions are concise and images are high quality. The staff are friendly and go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy.

Richard Harfield
HW Audio

AVSL products or services have benefitted my business by impacting the bottom lline and helping us expand our range

Iain Buchanan
Glasgow Sound Centre

Over the 15 Years that I have been buying from AVSL, the key thing that has been crucial are excellent stock holding, new products, and most importantly great account management from sales to the accounts team. They have kept us onboard and in turn our business has grown as a result.

Dave Elliott
Inta Audio

AVSL has a continual growing and evolving product range, this helps us to provide a range of products for our customer which are always popular. We have seen consistent growth as new products are brought to market every year and the range expands.

Simeon Playford
Simply Sound Ltd

The little differences make a difference; with AVSL, the team behind the products is just that difference. Working closely with AVSL has enabled us to constantly monitor their product range, finding niches that complement our existing ranges.

Paul Spencer
Ex-Pro Products Ltd