Mini Line Level Mixers

170.204UK LM41

Mini line level & instrument mixers

  • Compact format
  • Battery or power adaptor operation
  • Ideal as a sub-mixer for instruments
Description Version Packed
4 Mono Channel Line Level & Instrument Mixer
4 mono jack Gift Box
4 Stereo Channel Line Level & Instrument Mixer
4 stereo jack Gift Box

Mini Line Level Mixers

Compact mixers with high impedance jack inputs suitable for auxiliary line level or instruments, mixing to a master jack output. Available as either 4 mono or 4 stereo version with separate volume controls for each input and master output. Powered by 1 x 9V battery or optional 12Vdc adaptor

  • Available in mono or stereo versions
  • Optional 12Vdc power input
  • Supplied with 9V battery

Specification : Common

  • Battery 9V battery (PP3 supplied)
  • Power adaptor 12Vdc, 200mA (optional)
  • Output level +4dB (+8dB max.)
  • Input impedance 20k Ohms
  • Output impedance 600 Ohms
  • Dimensions 150 x 108 x 64mm

Specification : Versions

  170.204UK 170.205UK
Inputs 4 x 6.3mm jack 8 x 6.3mm jack
Outputs 1 x 6.3mm jack 2 x 6.3mm jack
Weight 533g (no battery) 621g (no battery)

Trade information

  170.204UK 170.205UK
Barcode / EAN 5015972185377 5015972185391
Package type Gift Box Gift Box
Package dimensions 110 x 170 x 70mm 140 x 170 x 70mm
Package weight 0.64kg 0.74kg
Package quantity 1 unit 1 unit
Carton dimensions 365 x 380 x 245mm 365 x 380 x 305mm
Carton weight 13.50kg 15.50kg
Carton quantity 20 packages 20 packages

In the box

The box for this item contains :

  • Mini line or instrument mixer
  • 9V PP3 battery


Instruction manual
For 170.205UK (195KB)
Instruction manual
For 170.204UK (195KB)

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